A Healthy Social Life Equals a Healthy Heart

Heart health can be a major concern for adult children as their parents get older, especially if cardiovascular problems run in the family. If you’re concerned about your parent maintaining cardiovascular health, new research suggests a simple way to fight the aging heart: maintain an active social life.

In 2013, the journal Psychological Science published a study that shows how social connections positively impact physical health. Those who actively work on creating and maintaining authentic relationships with others are more likely to report positive emotions. Those people are more likely to have healthier vagus nerves, which help control the heart. heart health

More recently, the American Heart Association did a presentation on how aging Americans can fight heart disease through a variety of connective technologies ranging from Facebook to senior-specific outlets such as online patient portals.

Is your parent on Facebook? Some seniors have embraced our high tech world, while others have ignored it. If your parent falls into the latter category, consider making a Facebook page for him or her and demonstrating how to connect with grandkids and friends.

Of course, the idea is to take these online tools and turn it into real life connections. What is your parent passionate about? Help her find a meetup group to cultivate her gardening skills. What has your parent always wanted to do? Help him find a drawing class to take.

Maintaining a social life is as important for physical health as it is for emotional health. Here at Hannah’s Home Care, we help you care for all aspects of your mother or father’s life. Contact us to learn more.

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