Bath Safety tips for Home Care


Bath Safety for the elderly is a real concern for those caring for their aging parents in the home.  Surprisingly to many able-bodied, young adults, the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home.  Often accidents are simply waiting to happen.  Recognizing the danger of bathing for elderly adults can go a long way to preventing accidents and making the bathroom safer for family members of all ages.  Surprising studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have shown an increasing number of non-fatal accidents occurring in the bathroom – and it’s not hard to see why.  The bathroom is full of hard and often slippery surfaces, there are lot of unseen dangers residing in one of the most traffic-heavy areas of the home.

While throw rugs or bath mats may seem like a way to avoid potential injuries, they can often do more harm than good.  They slide over slick surfaces and cause unneeded instability.  If throw rugs are an absolute Bath Safetynecessity in the home, make sure they are secured properly with double-sided or slip-resistant backing.

Line the bathtub and shower with slip-resistant strips or mats to prevent slips and falls in the bath.  This is especially important for elderly people, but will benefit people of all ages.  Slippery surfaces combined with slick shampoo and other bath products are responsible for hundreds of injuries per year in the home.  Accumulated soap scum can also increase the likelihood of a slippery surface, so tubs should be cleaned and scrubbed regularly after use.

Make sure that the bathroom floor is kept dry, especially after a shower or a bath.  Water that is allowed to accumulate can create a disastrous condition for the next person to enter the room.  To prevent leaks from the shower, purchase a weighted shower curtain and nip the problem in the bud before it begins.

Installing safety bars around the bathtub, shower and toilet are essential pieces to bathroom and shower safety.  These rails can give an extra level of stability to slippery situations, and allow for greater balance should a slip occur.  Towel bars are not sufficient substitutes for a grab bar or rail.  they are generally not sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult, and can lead to further injury.

Consider replacing your shower head with a handheld or adjustable model.  Not only will this allow for greater stability in the bath by minimizing the amount of movement required to get clean, but it is also more comfortable to use and easier to handle than a fixed shower head.

Rushing is the lead cause of all bath or shower injuries.  Although life often seems hectic, it pays to take your time and not try to just get it over with.  It’s worth the few extra minutes it takes to ensure safety and prevent needless slips, falls and bruising.

While it may not be possible to prevent all accidents before they happen, their chances can be minimized.  Bath safety is a critical component to elderly care, and simple solutions should not be overlooked.  Feel free to contact us for additional tips, safety recommendations or with any questions that you may have when making your home safer for your aging parent.

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