Coping with memory loss

Seeing your loved one dealing with memory loss is never easy, nor is managing your Alzheimer's memory lossown feelings. Though memory loss is typically not reversible, there are things you can do to improve his or her quality of life and to improve the quality of your time together.

Here are some ideas:

1. Focus on memories. In most cases, those in early to mid stages of memory loss can much more easily remember events from their past. If this is a parent or an aunt, reminisce about yours or their childhood. Bring pictures along to make the memories come to life. Childhood scrapbooks or wedding albums can lead to happy, rich conversation with your loved one, whereas more recent pictures may be harder for them to grasp. When they actively remember an occasion, conversation will flow much more easily.

2. Be active together. Rather than forcing conversation, some days it may be better to just take a walk together and see where the conversation flows. Follow along and keep the conversation low pressure. Discuss the current weather. Talk about nature currently surrounding you. Topics like these can tap into their current observations and rely less on recall.

3. Enjoy a favorite pastime together. Perhaps your loved one was a crafter in the past. Take along a simple craft project that you can walk through step by step. Taking things one step at a time can eliminate or reduce frustration and confusion. Maybe your loved one was an avid fisherman. Go fishing! You may have to help with steps you previously didn’t, but experiencing something they love can greatly improve the mood and self-esteem of someone coping with memory loss.

4. Hire some help. You may find that no matter how much time you can give that it isn’t enough. Hiring a home care aide can give you peace of mind and greatly enhance the quality of life of your loved one.

If you could use additional hands-on help or have questions about the roles of home care aids, contact us. Hannah’s Home Care is here for our community and to help our seniors age with grace and support

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