Elder Care for Senior Loved Ones Suffering with Arthritis Pain

If your senior loved one is bothered by the limited activities related to arthritis, it might be time to consider getting them assistance around the home. Arthritis causes inflammation of the joints and can be debilitating for seniors. Seniors with the condition often feel pain, and depending upon the type of arthritis can have problems with stiffness, chills, fever and infections of the joints.

There is no cure for arthritis, but seniors with the condition can have a better quality of life with the proper Arthritis Paintreatment, physical therapy and assistance when needed. It is important that seniors diagnosed with arthritis are receiving adequate medical attention and making healthy lifestyle changes. Regular exercise, taking prescription medication and eating healthy are all important to the health diagnosed with arthritis.

Seniors diagnosed with a severe form of arthritis may need home health care. Home care will ensure the needs of the senior is being met throughout the day. Those who need assistance around the clock can also make arrangements for this type of care as well. Home care or live-in help is ideal for seniors who do not have family who live in the same area that can help them manage their condition.

The caregiver is matched to fit with the senior’s personality. They are in the home to provide professional, reliable and compassionate care for the senior. Having the extra help around the home also helps the senior feel more safe and comfortable to move around the home throughout the day, or night. Most seniors regain their confidence and able to do the activities they once loved again. To find out more about hiring an in-home elder care for your loved one contact us.

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