Five Ways to Take Care of Yourself When Taking Care of Your Parent

As you take care of your aging parent, don’t underestimate the toll it takes on you. Caregiver stress is a real and serious thing, but it’s often brushed aside to keep the focus on the patient. self-care

To be a great caregiver, you have to take care of yourself. Here are five ways to alleviate caregiver stress and maintain physical and emotional health.

Take advantage of your support group 

This isn’t the time to appear calm and collected. Be vulnerable, it’s okay. Just because your friends aren’t checking in, it doesn’t mean they don’t have your back. People get busy with their own lives, and if you look like you’re okay, they aren’t going to go digging under the surface. Let your friends and family know what’s going on regularly.

Find support online

There are plenty of websites and forums dedicated to caregivers. Whether it’s a group on Facebook or a website like, you’ll quickly be reminded that plenty of people are going through the same thing.


Don’t let your own health decline when you’re caring for someone else. Not only is exercise crucial to maintaining physical health, but it’s also a natural stress reliever.

Steal some me time

No excuses, just do it. Whether it’s a day at the spa or half an hour of gardening, do it regularly and you’ll start to realize that you do, in fact, have time.

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