Our Legacy IBG Counseling

144287799For the past ten years our sister company, IBG (Inspired by Greatness) Counseling and Educational Center, Inc., has served as a state contracted agency in Washington. We have provided transitional and therapeutic services to our most vulnerable: the young, the elderly, and the physically challenged.

We have expanded our services to include our Home Care Agency. Hannah’s Home Care Agency is named after the late Jessie Mae Hannah, our founder’s mother. Mrs. Hannah, a native of Louisiana, served her community with kindness, compassion and respect as she cared for those unable to care for themselves. She believed in reaching out to her community through her acts of kindness. Whether it was cooking, cleaning, or driving, everything she did came from her heart.

Our agency continues to embody these same values, while bringing a touch of “Southern Hospitality” into your home.

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