Safety Precautions

Nearly one third of all individuals over the age of 65 fall each year, and that figure increases to 50% by age 80.

For seniors, most accidents involve falls in and around the home.  As our loved ones age, safety is a top concern for family members or friends.

To assist you in identifying potential safety hazards in your loved one’s home, pay attention to these Home Safety instructions:

  • Floor should not be too highly polished and slippery
  • Light switches should be easy to find
  • Carpeting on stairs needs to be secure
  • Store all medicines in a safe place and make sure that the senior can read the labels
  • Make sure that there are no worn edges to carpets or cords to trip over
  • Passages and stairways should be well lit
  • Make sure handrails are well anchored on both sides of the stairway
  • Arrange furniture so that pathways are not cluttered
  • Use a bath seat if it is difficult to stand during a shower or too difficult to get up out of the tub
  • Install grab bars on the side of the tub or shower for balance
  • Use an elevated toilet seat or commode if a senior needs support getting on and off the toilet or if they are not able to bend their hip normally after surgery
  • Install grab bars around the toilet if they need more leverage to get off the toilet
  • Mark “ON” and “OFF” positions clearly on the dials on the stove
  • Keep baking soda near the stove to extinguish small cooking fires, and keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  • Make sure the sleeves of the senior’s clothing are not loose or dangling while cooking
  • Home security – pay attention to the security both inside and outside of one’s home
  • If you’re concerned about any safety issues in your loved one’s living environment, give us a call/  We can help guide and assist you with any safety concerns you may have.

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