Set Your Mind to Rest with these for Aging Parents

Aging, single parents who have decided to remain in their own homes are often a source of constant stress to their adult children.

Though the caring adult child will never fully stop worrying, there are in home safety measures you can take to feel more confident that your parent is safe. Here are some tips to get you started. Home Safety Tips

Plan for Emergencies 

Go over the emergency escape route with your parent, and make sure there’s an easily accessible fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Check the batteries in smoke alarms regularly.

Lighting makes a huge difference 

Don’t assume that the lighting your parent has had in his or her home for decades is sufficient. Make sure that every single room is well lit. Get a nightlight for the hallway so that your parent is never going into complete darkness, and make sure flashlights are easily accessible.


Eliminate raised doorways and remove throw rugs. Fix up any loose floorboards or unevenness. In short, eliminate anything your parent could trip over.

Make daily household tasks as easy as possible 

Go through a normal day with your parent and think about any possible safety hazards. Make sure the bathroom has nonskid mats and grab handles. Check that all regularly used products are easily reachable. Use top shelves only for things that serve little practical value, such as family heirlooms and photographs. Place a small table outside his or her front entrance where your parent can place items while locking and unlocking the door.

An aging person’s living environment is often their biggest safety hazard, but it doesn’t have to be. You can set your mind to rest knowing you’ve helped your parent create the safest home possible.

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