Stay Healthy & Active with In-Home Diabetes Care for Seniors

Each year the number of seniors diagnosed with diabetes increases. The condition is very serious and often require a managed care plan. For many people the chronic condition can be quite challenging, and the disease might require the help of professionals to help manage it correctly. Individuals needing help with maintaining their diet restrictions and blood glucose checks benefit greatly from having an in-home care aide coming into the home.diabetes

Blood Glucose Check

The aide can help keep check on the person’s blood sugar levels on a daily basis. They can monitor a fasting check as well as after meal checks. It is easy for seniors to forget to check their blood sugar with the many tasks they have on a daily basis. Some seniors have to take medication such as insulin to keep their diabetes under control, an aide can remind the senior when it is time for their medication. A little encouragement and assistance can keep blood sugar levels in seniors under control.

Dietary Restrictions

Eating the right foods when you are diabetic are extremely important. Food labels can be complicated for the average person, and no doubt they can seem a bit confusing for a senior. Together the aide and senior can keep track of daily intake and what foods seem to have an impact on the senior’s blood sugar.


It is also important for seniors to remain active and getting enough exercise throughout the day. Aides can also make sure the senior is not overexerting themselves as well. Home care aides can make sure that seniors are doing what is needed to stay healthy.

Skin Care

Skin care is also an important issue for seniors who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Home health aides can help seniors keep their skin moisturized and monitor any concern areas on the skin. Aides will encourage foot care and keep the appropriate socks and footwear on seniors during their visit. To find out more about utilizing the assistance of a in home care aides to better manage diabetes contact us.

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