Mediation Management When Families Can’t Agree on Elder Care

The process of aging typically presents numerous challenges for people. Not only do they have more health concerns, they may have difficulty managing their finances, living independently, or continuing to drive. For people who are used to directing their own lives, admitting to needing help is a huge blow to their pride. They may live in denial about their need for assistance for a long time.Mediation

However, the older person is not the only one affected by all these changes. It can be a source of serious stress for his or her spouse, adult children, grandchildren, and other family members as well. The situation can become especially tense when everyone who is close to the aging adult has a different opinion on what he or she needs to maintain a high quality of life. Because Hannah’s Home Care values our clients and their families, we offer family mediation management as one of our many services.

Everyone’s Input is Valuable

Our professional family mediators believe that everyone deserves a chance to be heard, including the aging family member. We recognize that sometimes the conflict is between the person needing services and his or her family more than it is between individual family members. The goal of family mediation is to find solutions to problems that are agreeable to everyone. In order to do this, each family member must be willing to compromise occasionally and always show respect for the concerns of others.

Since our mediators are a neutral third party, they are not emotionally invested in a particular outcome. They can help your family come to an agreement on the most difficult issues, including housing options, choosing someone to manage the senior’s finances, and selecting appropriate medical care.

Are You Ready to Put the Conflict Behind You?

You want your loved one to receive the services he or she needs, but the ongoing family conflict may be preventing that. If your family members are willing, please contact us at Hannah’s Home Care  to request more information on our mediation services or to schedule an initial consultation.